1. June, 2005 - new month, same stuff

I had today pretty well mapped out when I went to bed last night. Then two things interfered. First, I stayed up reading a new book I bought yesterday (should I update the booktag posting for that? I think not), and then got a phone call this morning telling me I need to drive up to mom’s to hand over the keys I’ve been holding for the past three months, waiting for someone to ask for them. I’m glad to get that done, but today isn’t the ideal day to take a couple hours of out my day. But getting clear of that obligation is important enough that I’ll find a way to do it, mostly by short-changing you. telling me I don’t have to do any of that, after all.

Yesterday? Beautiful. Sunshiney. The kind of day we put up with Minnesota summer and winter just so we can enjoy a handful of days like yesterday.

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