31. May, 2005 - ending & beginning

May, it’s done. Well, maybe not quite, but today’s the last of it, and what with coming out of a long holiday weekend, I’m treating today more like June 0th than May 31st. I’m going to try and plow through all the start-of-week and start-of-month stuff today so the decks will be clear for tomorrow.

The weekend? Saints on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Lost two of the three to Kansas City, which isn’t encouraging, since the Saints are in the same division as the T-Bones this year. Decent food through the weekend, and even more work to do putting the recipes up. Maybe that’ll happen this week, but then again, maybe not.

On Saturday night, Adam Olow hurt himself sliding into second. Now the St. Paul Saints will miss ‘best hitter in league’ for a month due to a sprained ankle. Ouch.

Saturday night/Sunday morning saw my first real glitch with ipHouse. They had moved the old ProNS DNS servers, and that meant that suddenly DNS wasn’t working for me. Much worse, it wasn’t working on my server, which meant that the 800-odd spams that came in while I slept Saturday night could neither be flagged as spam nor bounced, and I had to spend some time Sunday morning first figuring out the DNS problems, and then sorting out the mess that 900 spams (they didn’t stop coming while I was fixing things) leaves. Eww.

Yesterday? Big plans for getting things done around the house. Instead I headed up to mom’s to visit her and got stuck in traffic (at 2pm!) returning to the Cities. I ventured off onto side roads, since I’d rather drive 45 with an occasional stoplight than alternate between 70 and 35 on the freeway. When I finally made it home, I took care of the things that had to be done, and then collapsed on the couch, letting everything else wait for today. As if I didn’t already have enough to do.

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