27. May, 2005 - I love you, man


Last night was an interesting one, alright. I spent the day working, trying to wrap up a project that’s been going on for a good long time. Things went pretty well, and I’m thinking that I’ll finish all the bits I’m supposed to work on before the deeadline I’ve been given. Not much earlier, but enough to make the client happy.

So I spent last evening “celebrating” where I am on the project. Stopped by the Sporty for dinner, and ended up spending the night. The most notable thing of the evening was talking with a gal who had recently been dumped by her stupid boyfriend. She’s a cute 21-year-old, and while she’s young, she’s one of the Sporty gals that I think has her life mostly together. The high point of the evening was me saying something inane like “dude, if I wasn’t twenty years older than you, I’d do you in a heartbeat.” but I actually meant it, and there’s an outside chance that it made her feel better. In any case, it’s where the subject for today comes from. Besides, that’s just what friends do.

I wonder about this sort of thing, though. Is it better for me to tell the truth (i.e. I think this gal’s a catch, and the boyfriend who dumped her is a putz), or should I maybe keep my big yap shut and not be getting involved in the romantic lives of folks twenty years my junior. I dunno. But at least there’s a ballgame this evening that will help take my mind off the problem.

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