25. May, 2005 - tired

Today, I’m almost hoping it’ll rain all day. I’ve been spending almost all my waking hours either sitting in front of my computer or on the aluminum bleachers at Midway, and my knees and back are starting to feel it. The knees are sore because almost everything I sit in ends up putting my ass below my knees (including my Aeron chair, which doesn’t come with a long enough seat-post for people my height in the first place, and mine has started lowering my fat ass to the ground over the course of the day), leading to a crunchy-knee-feeling by the end of the day. The best solution to this problem is to get out biking, but I still need find the time to finish the spring tune-up on my trike. Maybe a rainy day will supply that time.

The Saints game last night? Another win. St. Paul’s paper says Munoz, Cox help Saints stymie Cats, but I’m pretty sure the Saints were playing the Vipers last night, not the Cracker-Cats. I wonder where the press-release went wrong, especially since the story from the Saints: Saints Make It Three In A Row, 7-6 gets it right.

And the links that follow? Well, I took a few days off from griping about the bad legislation we keep getting, so I guess today I’ll catch up on that a bit. It’s not a particularly happy view of the world I have this morning.

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