20. May, 2005 - late again

Well, that’s not too bad. Got the links done and you’ve got something else to read now.

Gonna be another day with late links. I’m still awake at three ayem, after a day with a whole bunch of bug-stomping, then a fine Korean dinner, then N beers at the Sporty, then some more bug-fixing, and at this point, all I can say is that Thursday was a very good day for me. Heck, UPS even found my house to deliver my book.

There might be some more here later in the day, but then again, the Saints start the regular season tonight (and by the way, NHK will have a crew there, so if you have one of the Japanese Saints T-Shirts, please wear it to the game — it’ll make Seigo a happy boy), so I might not be typing at you until Monday. I’m sure I’m capable of being that irresponsible.

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