19. May, 2005 - frustration

the new house
hmm… which apartment to deliver to?

I’m hating UPS again. A book I wanted to take a look into yesterday is supposed to be on the way from amazon. At 12:30, while I was sitting at home, the UPS driver tried to deliver it to the apartment down the street from me. At 4:30, the tracking information finally updated, and I called in to find out how I could get my book. At 7pm, after two trips to the UPS place, I finally gave up. UPS has my book, and I’ll get it when they damned well feel like giving it to me. Unless they just can’t find it at all, which is where things were when I gave up last night. I probably didn’t win any friends with my parting comment, either. When you find the package, why don’t you just give it to FedEx to deliver? They don’t seem to need an apartment number to deliver to my house.

That was just the capper for a generally frustrating day. The bugs I need to fix aren’t yielding to my normal bug-stomping techniques, and what I’d really like is to be able to take a walk in the sunshine to clear my brain. There’s no sunshine to be had, though.

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