18. May, 2005 - more rain?

Sheesh. Wake up this morning, and it’s raining again. With more forecast for tomorrow. Maybe on Friday it’ll clear up, but it’s starting to sap my energy. Yesterday, between the showers, I managed to get the onions planted. The only thing left to go in is the garlic, and I’m trying to decide between planting the stuff that’s started to sprout in my kitchen and buying some stuff a nursery has given a head-start for me. Might get to that today if the water ever stops falling from the sky.

Most of the rest of yesterday was spent fixing bugs. As is typical, when encountering a bug, I started by stripping out all the code that’s just plain wrong and putting in comments about how it should work. Today, I try to write code that works correctly for one particularly troublesome bug, but it looks as though once again, every bug I fix will mean negative lines of code. Who says metrics aren’t useful?

One other notable thing yesterday: I had a hankerin’, so I headed up to Long John Silver’s for lunch. The fish was as tasty as I remember it from back before all the local locations went away (early 1980s, as I recall), but the Hushpuppies were disappointing. The outsides were too slick and the darned things lacked any sort of texture at all. Sigh. So I’m guessing that at some point I’m going to have to fill up a container with hot oil and make some myself. I guess that’s one item worked out for the tailgating menu this year. Reminds me that the season starts in two short days.

Links? Well, they’re in short supply today, too. Sorry about that. The rain has my mood down, and there are just too many things I don’t want to blog about today.

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