17. May, 2005 - A Moving Experience

First, in site-news, last night’s server-move went well. No longer is my server located where it has been for the past three years, but instead it’s in its new home downtown. Sometime this morning, my DSL line will get switched, and then my transfer to my new ISP will be complete. I’m going to miss my old Mr. ISP, but what are you going to do?

That’s not all that happened yesterday. There was a flurry of administrivia in the morning. Invoices were submitted, checks were deposited, and bills were paid. There were also stops at the post office, McD’s, and a stop by the temporary garden center set up in St. Anchovy. If you decide to shop there, be aware that you should keep a close eye on the cashier, since my three tomatoes, three peppers, parsley plant, bunch of peppermint, and tub of onions got rung up as nine six-pack-planters of herbs, then a ten twenty twenty-five percent discount because I said that ain’t right. I’m pretty sure I still overpaid, but it got the total down to the twenty bucks I had planned on spending, so I didn’t argue any more. Then it was home to stick the plants in the ground. I got everything but the onions planted before the rain chased me inside.

The afternoon and evening were spent trying to make some tortuous code run more quickly. No real success, but I learned some stuff about the code that I can maybe make use of today. After some din-din, on the way to move the server, I stopped by Steph’s with a few violets I had moved to make room for the veggies (the darned things grow like weeds, y’know). Then server things that I’ve already mentioned. When I got home from that, my neighbor had left a couple wild rose plants sitting on my step (we’d talked about me taking them during our Sunday chat) so I did some gardening in the dark, plunking them into freshly-made holes in the back yard. That was it for the day for me. A busy day makes for good sleep.

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