11. May, 2005 - rained out

Went to the Saints game again last night. Started out with over a half-hour rain-delay, as a light rain was falling at the scheduled start-time, and then they got in four innings before the rain picked up enough again to chase everyone. But it had been raining most of the way through the game, and I don’t think anyone was disappointed when they decided they’d played enough. It’s the pre-season after all, and the Saints were ahead of Winnepeg 5-3 (I think — the bottom half of the scoreboard had shorted out at the start of the game) on the strength of a five-run third inning.

But it was nice to get home a little early. I got to sleep early, and only got woken up by my cold a couple times during the night. The weather’s supposed to be pretty crummy the rest of the week, and I think that’s going to suit me just fine. I need to stay inside and concentrate on work, and it doesn’t appear as though any distractions are going to get in my way. Of course, I’m resourceful enough that I’ll probably find something to distract myself with, but at least I don’t have any excuses ready just yet.

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