10. May, 2005 - first ballgame (for me)

Finally made it to a Saints game last night. Their third pre-season game, and my first. It rained, and the game was delayed a bit, and the Saints lost, but I still had fun. I’ve also reached the point in the cold where the side-effects from the medication are almost worse than the symptoms I’m trying to address. I guess that’s good, except for the three hours of sleep I got last night because the Sudafed kept me awake. Grr.

And that’s really all the news. Work continues, and the end of the project draws ever-nearer. I’ve hit the point in the project where I’m busy enough to not even be looking for something to follow it with. That’s probably not good planning, but between the cold, trying to tackle the last few bugs, and Saints games to attend, I’m out of hours in the day.

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