6. May, 2005 - early/late

About once a month I do the update here before I go to bed pass out. This is the one of those for May, apparently.

Last night, Jim and I went to the Swinging For The Fences lecture at the Mill City Museum. It was a good lecture, and I bought the book. We’d stopped by the Sporty before heading down, and stopped back again on the way home. It was the latter that killed me (and caused me to write this earlier than usual, but not much).

It looked at first like a boring night, and I was figuring I’d get home early. But ’round about midnight, there was an influx of folks I knew and wanted to talk to. One of ’em was a gal, natch. Spent the rest of the night talking near her. Didn’t really expect to get lucky or anything, but it’s nice to talk to the cute chick, especially when I’m not planning anything. The problem struck around the tenth (?) beer or so, when I quit remembering that I’m twice her age and ended the night by making a clumsy and drunken pass at her at bar close.

You’d think that over twenty years of spending time in bars might give a guy a clue as to how to behave after a bunch of beers. Apparently you would be mistaken to think so.

Sheesh. I’m too old for this shit.

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