2. May, 2005 - snow in May

Nothing that stuck on the ground, but yeah, there were flakes falling from the sky yesterday, and when I woke up this morning, it was below freezing out there. After the warm weather in the first half of April, this just seems like a cruel trick. My apple tree thinks it’s a pretty cruel trick too, as all of its leaves are turning brown as though it’s fall out. Nothing to do but wait and see if it recovers, I guess.

The weekend around home was pretty good. A trip up to see mom Saturday morning. She really enjoys getting out to see people, and we stopped by the feed mill. I needed more seed for the birds, and it was a good excuse to visit with some folks. Everyone there knows her, and they were happy to see her, too. Saturday evening was an open house at a friend’s. Talked to a bunch of Saints fans who are excited about the season starting, even if there were snowflakes in the air. Sunday, I spent the day at home, catching up on sleep and a bunch of “little things” I needed to do to keep the place livable.

Sunday night, after I was done for the day, I dug in my stack of unread books for some light bedtime reading. I started reading Bruce Sterling’s The Zenith Angle ISBN:0345460618. The book was good enough that it was two in the morning by the time I finished it and finally got to sleep, so I’m running behind this morning.

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