28. April, 2005 - room temp fusion?

Is no news good news on the personal front? Well, yes and no. Things have been quiet. That’s partly due to the cold and rainy weather (and hail yesterday afternoon) that have kept me from doing much that’s exciting. The biggest task on my to-do list at this point is finishing up the rewrite of the résumé. While I continue to hope that I’ll find a new contract to keep me busy within my own company, I think I need to have a backup plan ready in case I can’t make that work, and getting a full-time job working for someone else is a definite plan B at this point. I don’t want to just get a GOOD job, but I can see that becoming a necessity if I dawdle.

I think the real problem is that I’ve sold the Mac-programming side of my business well in a bad economy. The worse things were for people who were looking for full-time work, the better they were for me. I portrayed myself as someone who could come in, fix some problems, and move on without being a long-term burden for my clients. That’s a great strategy in tough times, but doesn’t fit as well when companies are looking to invest in long-term goals as the economy improves.

And that’s where I’m running into trouble this week. The process of “updating my résumé” hasn’t just meant adding the past couple years of experience to the list, but shifting the focus to emphasizing the long-term benefits I can bring to prospective clients. The core message is still “I’m a smart guy, who can solve your problems”, but my presentation of that message needs to change, and that’s taking a lot more skull-work than I initially thought it would.

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