21. April, 2005 - pleasant days

Yesterday was pretty good. Some work in the morning, and when progress stalled, I just walked away from the computer for a while. Stocked up on groceries a bit (actually, more on herbs and spices for some recipes I want to get to soon), then mowed the lawn for the first time of the year. Nothing too exciting, but it’s another sign of summer in April. Last year, it was May 5 when I used the mower for the first time, so I’m not off base thinking things are happening early this year.

Today looks like it should be another nice day. I’ve got a couple emails I want to answer, then some work, then it’s off to suburbia for a meeting. Depending on how that goes, I might try to work this afternoon, or I might stop and buy those onion sets I keep yammering on about and get them stuck in the garden before it rains tomorrow.

The ducks are back, too. I’m starting to think that they’ve nested, since they’re only appearing one at a time right now, after both of them were waddling around the yard last week. Not sure it’s the same pair as last year, but it makes sense that they’d return, since there’s good grub for them beneath the bird-feeders. Speaking of good grub, I think it’s time for some breakfast for me. Catch ya tomorrow.

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