19. April, 2005 - hot, cold, sunny, rainy

Yesterday, hot weather. Over 80°F in April. That Just Ain’t Right, no matter how much I enjoyed walking in the sun. I spent the early morning sending out the invoices for mid-month, paying mom’s bills that had shown up in the past week, and emailing back and forth with various people trying to sort out some of the business stuff I mentioned yesterday. When that was done, I was ready for a break, and heading to the bank seemed perfect. Jerry Rau was out on the street in Dinkytown, and I stopped to chat with him for a bit after eating lunch. We’ve both got apple trees that are almost done blooming, and neither of us has seen a bee yet. Dunno if the lack of pollinators means no fruit this year or not, but I suspect so.

Once I got home, it was time for a short nap. I’ve finally adjusted to Daylight Savings Time, and am waking up at five, finishing blogging, breakfast and a shower before nine, work until it’s time for lunch, then a short nap, and work until it’s time for supper and a bit of TV and web-surfing before bed. It’s a schedule that suits me. It’s even better when I’m as productive as I was yesterday afternoon. Supper came with a surprise, though. Mom has inhaled some of her supper and got to make a trip to the ER. She’s okay, but there were a couple tense hours while I waited for the doctor to decide she was okay. Not the kind of adrenaline jolt I needed when I was trying to wind down for the day.

So today, the blog-fodder’s a bit lighter than usual. Sorry about that, but with the excitement in my personal life yesterday, most of the stories I read didn’t seem all that blogworthy.

This morning, it’s supposed to rain and cool down a bit. Almost back to normal temps for this time of year in Minnesota. We’ve already had enough warm that everything is greening up and I’m thinking I’m going to need to go get some gas for the lawnmower soon. Plus there’s still that trip to buy the onion sets for the garden. I bet they go in sometime this week yet, all the dire warnings of frost to the contrary.

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