11. April, 2005 - greening up

I looked out the window yesterday and noticed that my apple tree has bloomed. If I were less of a slacker, I’d probably have a picture to post here. A number of other trees are showing leaves, and while I like the spring weather, I keep thinking to myself that “this is just too early.” Last year, it was a week later than this when I planted stuff outside, and some of it ended up getting frozen out, so I don’t want to plant too much, but it’s probably time to get onions and garlic in, at a minimum. Later this week once the rain has passed. Looks like Wednesday or Thursday might be the target date.

I did a little shopping on Saturday to buy some containers to hold my herbs and spices in the kitchen, and after trying various stores, found that Target had some Altoids Citrus Sours on clearance, and those little tins, filled with candy that nobody wanted, were cheaper than any other tins I could find. The snag, of course (you knew there had to be a snag, right?) is that I need to wash them to clear out the candy-dust. But I think they’ll work pretty well. I’ll need to make up new labels and stick them to a cupboard door with velcro (also purchased during that shopping trip), but then I should have my herbs and spices organized so I can find them easily and free up a shelf in the cupboard, too. It also gives me an excuse to refresh some of the ones that have gotten old.

But that’s about all I got done all weekend. Yes, there was the trip up to mom’s. And I did stop by East River Market and discover that Nena’s now stocking Cracker Nuts (except for the Garlic, which are my favorite flavor). She’s also going to order me a wok, since I decided I need one, and couldn’t find a decent one during my shopping trip. But this weekend mostly consisted of laying groundwork for getting things done, rather than actually accomplishing anything. There were a lot of hours spent suckling at the glass teat and not all that much else. At least it had the decency to rain yesterday, so I didn’t feel too bad about spending the afternoon lounging on the couch.

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