8. April, 2005 - home opener

It’s a friday, and for some reason, it seems better to ramble after the links today. I’ve got another fairly full day in front of me, and am just hoping that somehow I manage to find the time to get my trike ready to ride for the season. I don’t need to do anything major with it, but I was trying to be a good worker-bee yesterday, and even thinking about going out for a ride or how nice it was threatened to sap my productivity, so I didn’t. Today threatens to be much the same.

From the sound of things, we’re due for a beautiful weekend, though. As I’ve said to a few folks lately, I almost wish we’d gotten just one more week of wintry weather (or even normal spring rains) before it got this nice out. I’ve still got too many things that I need to stay inside for, and when I know it’s nice outside, that makes it just that much harder to concentrate indoors. I guess it’s spring fever.

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