7. April, 2005 - adjusting

Sometimes it seems as though all I need to do to solve a problem is to publicly gripe about it. Last night, I finally managed to get to sleep “on time” and today I woke up on my normal schedule, adjusted for daylight savings time and all. It helped that I had turned the furnace way down on Tuesday, back when it was warm outside, and had forgotten to turn it back up after closing the windows yesterday morning. When I woke up this morning, it was pretty darned chilly in the house and that makes for better sleeping and a brisk wakeup. Guess it’s a little too early in the season to be completely shutting off the furnace just yet, even with the freakishly warm weather we’ve had this spring.

Today, work. Two projects need to be completed before next week, and I’m going to try and get good chunks of both of them done before tomorrow evening. That means getting a lot done today, and ignoring the distractions like worrying about the taxes that aren’t even due until next week anyhow.

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