5. April, 2005 - expletive deleted

It’s coming up on two AM, and I’ve been fighting with my computer since before midnight. It seems to be working well enough that I can write this now, but somewhere along the way the stupid software that swaps the ALT and Windows keys on my microsoft keyboard so they work like a Macintosh’s Command and Option keys quit working, and those are so hardwired into my brain, I’m nearly non-functional anyhow. At least the mysterious thing where I would click on something and the computer would just power off seems to be gone for the moment.

In any case, between fighting the computer, not being able to use any hotkeys, and being up until 2am, I’m pretty sure there won’t be an update today. Sorry about that, but I’m probably going to spend the morning hauling the stupid box out to the Apple Store and seeing what they can do to make it happier.

Some days I hate computers. This is one of those days.

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