30. March, 2005 - more signs of spring

We’re supposed to get our first thunderstorm of the year later today. Yeah, it’ll bring some cold weather again, but it’s definitely feeling like spring around here. The warm temps the past couple days have just about finished off the pile of snow, and I’m starting to feel like it’s time to play with the lawn. So I’m actually looking forward to a few days of colder weather again. I’ve got too many things I need to get done inside before I start working on the outside.

Tiffany & Giselle
Tiffany & Giselle

And there are more signs. The grackles have returned for the spring, and are now monopolizing the bird-feeders. Except for the pair of cardinals. The male cardinal’s color has brightened up for the spring, too. And there are robins around. But the best sign of spring the past few days has been all the pretty gals who’ve put away their parkas and you can actually tell that they’re the curvier gender again. Warms my cockles, it does.

Speaking of pretty gals, there were a couple in the bar yesterday who needed a picture taken. Biggest lap-dog ever was one possible caption, but I figure I’ll make it easier to google this way.

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