29. March, 2005 - beautiful weather, outside

That was yesterday. The weather was great, and I ventured out for a walk without a jacket for the first time in 2005. I also did things like get my flat tire fixed (which meant buying two new tires since the other front tire was pretty worn, too), rake up the accumulated sunflower shells from feeding the birds all winter (about 60lbs of empty shells), and clean out the back of my truck so I can move the tailgating supplies in there so I can tackle cleaning the garage. One of these days I’ll be able to get my trike out and start riding that around. Generally a pretty good day.

Inside, things were different. I got some work done, but nowhere near as much as I’d hoped (the time spent outside and at the service station cut into the work), and got a call from my accountant. Seems we somehow grossly miscalculated my taxes for 2004, and rather than being near even, as planned, I owe thousands of dollars. Neither of us has gone through all the numbers to figure out what went wrong back in December when we were estimating, and there’s realy not much to be done about it now but try to figure out where the money’s going to come from. More work will eventually help, but won’t solve my problem for April 15th, since my clients all pay net-30 — even a phenomenal burst of productivity wouldn’t get me any additional money until the end of April. In short: Ugh.

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