28. March, 2005 - I need to get out more?

The weekend wrap up: Friday, a reasonably productive morning — not great, but pretty good. Then lunch with a friend. Tried to stop at Kramarczuk’s on the way home, but the place was completely jammed with people picking up their Easter Hams, so I went just left. Stopped by Let’s Cook for a pizza cutter while waiting on the bus. Then complete apathy all afternoon.

Saturday, a trip to mom’s, which was capped off by a flat tire on the way home (caused perhaps by a monster pothole), then cleaning up around the house for the evening’s poker game. It was fun, but one of the guys may not be back, as he’s moved out of town, and just recently quit working for the Twin Cities company that would fly him back periodically.

Sunday: sometimes I think I should get out of the house more. I woke up and it was a beautiful day outside. Thought that it would be a good time to break the trike out for the first ride of the season, and then remembered that I have over a dozen boxes of mom’s stuff piled around it in the garage, and I need to deal with those first. That sapped my motivation, and my only trip out was to go buy some breakfast fixins for this morning (and the boxes are still in the way). But maybe sitting at home is better than walking around in public with a cosmic bullseye on my forehead anyhow. Sunday evening I watched Alien Apocalypse. As BC said, think Spartacus with aliens. It’s not a great movie, but then I wasn’t looking for greatness this weekend.

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