21. March, 2005 - spring!

Snow on Friday, Auto Body Experience show Friday evening, made it to and from the show with no problems in the snow, except for a car in the O’Gara’s parking lot that snuggled right up to the driver’s side of my truck. Saturday was single-game ticket-sales over at Midway stadium, so we stood around in the snow like a bunch of people not bright enough to come in out of the cold. Sunday, a trip to visit mom through virtually snow-free country, followed by some cleanup around the house and turning down two different opportunities to go out on Sunday evening.

That was the weekend, and it was a pretty good one. The weather’s supposed to be warmer this week, and the little bit of snow that remains from Friday will probably be gone today. Folks farther south got more, and it might take a few days longer, but spring is asserting itself. Today, time to get back to work, especially since I’ve got some friends in town from the left coast, and I’d like to hang out with them either this afternoon or evening, so I need to be productive early. That’s about it for the update. Seeya tomorrow.

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