15. March, 2005 - getting in gear

This was the week I figured things would mostly get back to normal around here, and they have. I woke up yesterday and waded through a lot of stuff that I should have done on Sunday when I was out having a pleasant drive instead, then went to the bank and out to lunch. The afternoon was devoted to paying work, and I made a lot of progress, which felt good.

On the work front, I’m now facing what I had feared last week. I’m busy with one project that I had figured would be done by now but which keeps getting extended. All the hustling I’ve done since the first of the year trying to find new work is paying off, too. I’ve got two serious queries for long-term projects in front of me, plus a project of my own that I want to finish before the end of the month. And then there’s another project I want to get done in April before the Saints start playing baseball for 2005. I’m almost wondering if I should hire some help.

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