4. March, 2005 - local news

Friday, at last. I’ve spent the entire week feeling like I’m swimming upstream in a river of mucilage. I don’t have a great deal of hope that next week is going to be especially better, but maybe the week after that…

On the other hand, I discovered that Gene, who formerly ran The Hunter’s Den in Hopkins now has The Gun Shop out in St. Boni. I kinda miss gabbing about guns with him, and am glad I stopped by there the other day.

So as is typical around here, it was a week with high and low points. I’ve got a couple pretty firm leads for some ongoing work, but I’m going to have to write up proposals for them. I think I’ve been struggling with a cold all week, and just recognized the symptoms for what they were last night, after spending the week thinking I was stuffed up because of moving mom’s furniture into my house. Now that I know what’s got me feeling cruddy, I think I’ll have the energy to have a pretty productive day today. Of course there is the possibility that something will go awry this morning running me off the rails, but I’m going to at least try to get a good start, after the first decent night’s sleep all week. That’s something, right?

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