1. March, 2005 - doing things twice

One thing that I find fairly frustrating is having to do a task twice. It’s been happening a lot lately, since I’ve been distracted by stuff like relocating mom. It means that I’ve been missing small details, that force me to go back and do a job a second time, which makes me feel more pressed for time, which leads to more dropped details. Vicious cycle.

The most recent example is the trailer I used over the weekend. When I dropped it off yesterday, I forgot to remove the locks I’d put on it, so today I need to drive sixty miles to go get the locks. But when I said I’d do that, I’d forgotten one small detail — I took my truck into the shop for its (overdue) fifty-thousand-mile service yesterday afternoon, and it might not be done until noon today, which won’t leave time to get out and back before the landscaping people are going to show up to put together an estimate for the sidewalk I’d like to get put in this summer.

Normally I’m pretty good at keeping a handful of complex tasks organized, but during these past few months, it hasn’t been working as well. I’m not sure if it’s just that I’ve had enough things added that I’m over the limit on what I can keep straight or whether I’ve just become more addle-pated, but I suspect it’s a little of each.

I’m pretty sure the solution is as simple as finding some down-time when I can just relax and not worry about day-to-day problems. A vacation sounds like a great plan. The only problem is trying to figure out when and where and all those details and I just don’t think I can handle trying to plan a vacation when I’m feeling scattered like this. Did I mention something about a vicious cycle?

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