February 2005 full listing

28. February, 2005 - busy weekend

Well, I guess more accurately, it would be “exhausting weekend.” On Friday, I moved mom into an assisted-living home and then spent the evening with my good friend, beer. Saturday I went and picked up a trailer and informed the lawyer of various things that were up. Sunday, Mark and I went up to mom’s to grab the rest of her stuff, move it into my place, and then sent another email to the lawyer. This morning, I’m up early, waiting for said lawyer to get into the office so we can talk over all the headaches, and try to find a way around them. When that’s done, I’ll need to return the trailer and try and get on with the work-week. In any case, I’m pretty glad that February is done.

I suspect that much of this week will be spent wrapping up things to do with moving mom out of her house, rather than on paying work. The spring training vacation? Well, I’d still like to get that planned, but there’s a possible job coming, and I suspect just about the time I’m ready to go on vacation, the job will come online, and I’ll be busy working on that rather than taking some time off.

25. February, 2005 - busy day

I’ve got a metric assload of stuff to do today, and the phone started ringing a few minutes after seven. This is about all the typing you get, I think.

24. February, 2005 - dammit

I had an update written about 6:15 this morning. As I was about to save it, Safari did the spinning pizza of death on me, and my save apparently never completed, so the links and commentary are all lost in a poof of electrons. I could probably recreate most of it, but I’ve just spent the past two hours trying to recover the file, and have had enough for the day already. I’m seriously thinking of just going back to bed and trying to start over.

Most of the time, I’m pretty happy with Mac OS X. It’s telling that my one major complaint is not with the core OS itself, but rather with the browser, but I run into the problem where Safari will just “go away” for a while, generally taking the entire OS with it as the HD is busily chugging along. I’m not really sure what’s happening, but I suspect it’s flushing its caches or something. I don’t really care, either. I just want the damned web-browser to work and quit annoying me.

That said, here’s my list of complaints with Safari:

  1. Whatever the farking problem is that causes the spinning pizza of death to appear while the hard drive chatters away for more than ten minutes has to be fixed. I wish I could reproduce this at will so I could write up a decent bug report, but it seems to happen randomly.
  2. Give me a setting so I can shut off audio from safari with a single click. After the SPOD problem, the next most annoying thing is having my speaker start blaring with some stupid farking web ad. If I want sound from my browser, I’ll enable it to view a single page.
  3. Kill off the damned popups for real. Safari’s pretty good at this, but there’s a new technique the bastards are using. Stop them. The problem was noticed last week. There was a security update from Apple this week. Fixing the new popup annoyance should have been included.
  4. Show me the damned content earlier. I’m willing to have a Flash of Unstyled Content if it means pages like Monica’s will actually let me see if it’s been updated sometime this month without having to wait for the stupid crap from ntlworld.com, the ecosystem, and sitemeter.com to load. Yes, it’s partly a problem with the order she has things in the HTML, but she shouldn’t have to think about that so I can just see the start of the page. Actually, I suspect the problem is more to do with slow-to-load JavaScript, but there ought to be some way I can see the first bits of text without having to wait forever.
  5. Did I mention the spinning pizza of death? Make it stop.

Yeah, I’m a bit cranky. But more than anything, using my computer this morning was neither fun nor productive. Most of the day will probably be spent with the infernal machine off so I’m not tempted to take a crowbar to it.

23. February, 2005 - shitty update

I have nothing to say today. Life is good and bad. That is all.

22. February, 2005 - two-two-two

No special meaning to the two-two-two beyond the frisson you get when you notice that your odometer is full of the same digits (only a couple more months until I see five fives on that). But hey, I notice stuff like that, and know folks for whom that number has significance.

Not so much with the work yesterday. Landed another hosting client, and spent some time setting that up, but mostly I was waiting for the phone call from a client offering me work that never came.

21. February, 2005 - snowy weekend

It started with the snow on Friday, and wrapped up with more snow yesterday, with the snow finishing sometime during “The Great American Race”. Friday’s white stuff wasn’t very notable, except that it was heavy enough to make driving home from mom’s a challenge in dodging the idiots on the freeway. The snow that fell on Sunday was more of an issue, but one neighbor with a snowblower hit a bunch of the snow early in the morning, and the neighbor’s grandchildren burned off a bunch of energy in the afternoon shovelling more of my snow, and I really didn’t have all that much to do. Thanks to everyone for the help!

Sandwiched in the middle of the snow was a Saturday that seemed to be nice when I was asleep, only to turn gray and gloomy when I was awake and looking around. Low energy and much napping were involved.

18. February, 2005 - a fine evening

Had a fine day yesterday, capped off by a fine evening. The day, well, there was slackage involved, but also a meeting that might lead to some work. Followed that up with an evening out with Scott & Kat (and some other folks) with good grub at Ichiban, a loud and overpriced beer at Brit’s, followed by yummy beers at Town Hall. Hard to argue with that plan except for the stopping at Brit’s part, although I did put a couple spots on one of my nicer ties while eating the teppanyaki. It seems at this point that the rushed cleaning when I got home might have worked well enough, since it was a slob-friendly Jerry Garcia design (but mine’s in blue, which seems not to exist, according to google). Who’d have figured me for being worried about spilling soy sauce on a tie, though, eh? That’s what those mid-afternoon meetings looking for work will do to a guy, I guess.

17. February, 2005 - good day yesterday

Sometimes I amaze myself with my capacity to get things done. Yesterday was one of those days. I guess I just need the pressure of feeling as though I have a lot to do in order to buckle down and get to it, but in any case, it worked, and all of the things that absolutely had to be done yesterday were done by about 5pm, when I knocked off for the day.

For dinner, I went up to BW-3 in Har-Mar and had some cheap chicken legs and then played two games of NTN trivia. Won them both. I won the first, the hour-long game, pretty handily (though I almost blew it on the last question), and the second with a come-from-behind win on the last question. Then I called it a night and headed home, with at least one of the other folks playing trivia happy to see me leave. It’s nice to go out on top.

Today, I’ve still got a fair number of things to do, but it feels as though the worst of the pressure is off, so I may end up slacking again. Or perhaps the productive mood will continue. Too early in the day to say for sure yet. The weekend will probably contain much running about and moving of boxes (including a huge pile of mom-crocheted-afghans, just in case I have a cute gal sleeping on the couch looking chilly sometime), so I suspect there’s at least a nap in the plan for today.

16. February, 2005 - back to it

I’ve been spectacularly unproductive so far this week, and am thinking that I probably need some time away from computers real soon now. That shows in the links for today a bit, too. They’re fewer in number, and probably lower in quality than I’d like, but what are you going to do?

For getting away, I’m thinking that this might be a good year to go see some Spring Training games, possibly in Florida (the Grapefruit League), but more likely in Arizona (the Cactus League). If nothing else, it’s nice to ponder the idea of sitting in some warm sunshine watching baseball in between catching up on some back issues of Elysian Fields Quarterly.

But for today, the focus has to be on the present. There’s much to get done, and a bunch of it that has to be done today. Plus a few things that I should have gotten done Monday or yesterday, but didn’t. It can be discouraging to look at the (computer-maintained) to-do list and see a sea of red-highlighted items (meaning past-due), but at least it should help me focus.

15. February, 2005 - nothing to see here

I overslept a bit, and am feeling lazy. No real update today.

14. February, 2005 - rough weekend

A pretty rough weekend. If you want to read my take on it, here it is, but it probably won’t help you have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

The bright spot in the weekend was Mark’s Housewarming, but neither that, nor the start of NASCAR season could tip the scales. Sorry this isn’t cheerier. That’s how life’s been lately.

11. February, 2005 - lots o’ links

It’s a linktastic morning, apparently. Some local stories need to be followed, and there are some disturbing developments on the national scene. If you’re looking for fun fare, scroll down. I’ve put the food, drink, and other fun links last.

Finally got through to the guy I mentioned on Wednesday who might have some more work for me. We’re meeting today, and it still sounds good. Plus I’ve had a couple ideas for things I might be able to do to generate some revenue. Yeah, the week is wrapping up today, but it seems to be doing so on a good note. I hope I’ll be able to carry the good mood through the weekend’s distractions.

10. February, 2005 - politics already?

Yes, it seems so. The local political races are already gearing up for the 2005 elections. It should be an interesting cycle, with some incumbents already announcing that they’re not running again, others moving from one ward to another, a Mayor who’s taken up blogging, and other juggling to make the races more interesting.

On the personal front, a nice dinner with a friend last night, and that was about it. No progress on the prospective work during the day, but I’ll make some more calls today. I’ve also got a server to get configured again, now that it’s back from the shop. Unfortunately, since they had to give me a different model of motherboard, I may have to reinstall to get everything working again. Looks like I don’t have any worry of being bored today.

9. February, 2005 - Ash Wednesday

So when you’re feeling a little sick, what’s the thing to do? Why, head out to the bar for dinner, and end up staying until around midnight, naturally.

But the plus of the whole thing is that I may have a lead on a bunch of work. Phone calls need to be made later today, but I’m feeling hopeful.

I also noticed a few things last night. It was Fat Tuesday, which makes today Ash Wednesday. Here we are in Lent. We’re also in the Year of the Rooster now. And I realized that I recognized the Vulcan King who’s accused of groping some gal. Now there are a few things about it that make me wonder. The first is that he doesn’t drink. The second is that the description of the “garter ceremony” has been going on for years, with relatively minor complaints. I’m not sure what actually happened, but something doesn’t smell right to me here.

8. February, 2005 - thinking about warmer weather

In spite of the warm weather last week, I’m feeling a definite case of the mid-winter blues around here. There are a number of things contributing, but at this point, I’m definitely looking forward to warmer weather, and hopefully an improvement in my mood. Meanwhile, life goes on, and I still need to find some work.

To top things off, I started feeling all the symptoms of the crud yesterday. It’s been going around, and while I’m usually pretty good at dodging colds and the flu, I think the bugs are going to win this time. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been behind on sleep lately. Time for some better living through chemistry, I guess. Or maybe just a lot of sleep. Or both.

7. February, 2005 - monday already?

It wasn’t a very restful weekend. I put over five hundred miles on the truck during the days, and didn’t get a full night’s sleep on Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights. Plus there were things that needed doing during the day (thus the five hundred miles) when I would normally take a nap to try and catch up on the missed sleep. A grand total of one email sent between friday at 5pm and this morning. Today? A handful of phone calls I have to make in the morning, a few emails that have to be sent, and then I think I’m going back to sleep.

4. February, 2005 - another week gone

As weeks go, it wasn’t one of the better ones. I’m not going to list all the gory details, but there was plenty of crap flying around this week. While I brought some of it on myself, I had plenty of help, too. At this point, my plan is to just keep plugging along. Not much else to be done, as far as I can tell.

This weekend looks like it should be warm and sunny. I fear I’m going to end up spending too much of it in a car, but things are still fluid. Here’s hoping I’ll get at least a few minutes to get out and enjoy the warm before things get cold again next week.

3. February, 2005 - just links
2. February, 2005 - better?

My mood this morning is considerably better than yesterday. Thanks to the friend who spent a couple hours helping to improve it yesterday evening.

Today’s list is pretty simple. A few errands that have to be done, a little work, and then spend some time learning new technology so I can hit a couple more bullet-points in my search for new work. If all goes well, I might update the work website a bit, but I don’t actually expect to get to that today.

1. February, 2005 - no comment

I had written a big rant here, and while venting made me feel better, it would have just pissed people off, so it’s gone. No other commentary this morning.

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