the toughest thing about Alzheimer’s

The toughest thing about having a mom with Alzheimer’s is not planning to move her into long-term assisted-living housing. Or packing up her stuff. Or trying to decide which furniture to keep and which to burn. Or explaining that she’s going to have to get rid of her cats and deciding together that it’s better to put them to sleep rather than try and find them a home that will put up with their nearly-feral nature. Or the fact that mom has to be involved, since all but one of the cats hides in the basement rafters when anyone but her is in the house. Or even actually putting the cats to sleep.

The toughest thing is answering a panicked phone-call late in the evening and having to explain again that the reason Mom can’t find all her cats is that she put the missing cat in the carrier and a neighbor took it to the vet to put it to sleep last Thursday, and she doesn’t remember doing it or asking about the missing cat each of the last three evenings, and knowing that it’s just going to get worse with each of the next four cats.

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