28. February, 2005 - busy weekend

Well, I guess more accurately, it would be “exhausting weekend.” On Friday, I moved mom into an assisted-living home and then spent the evening with my good friend, beer. Saturday I went and picked up a trailer and informed the lawyer of various things that were up. Sunday, Mark and I went up to mom’s to grab the rest of her stuff, move it into my place, and then sent another email to the lawyer. This morning, I’m up early, waiting for said lawyer to get into the office so we can talk over all the headaches, and try to find a way around them. When that’s done, I’ll need to return the trailer and try and get on with the work-week. In any case, I’m pretty glad that February is done.

I suspect that much of this week will be spent wrapping up things to do with moving mom out of her house, rather than on paying work. The spring training vacation? Well, I’d still like to get that planned, but there’s a possible job coming, and I suspect just about the time I’m ready to go on vacation, the job will come online, and I’ll be busy working on that rather than taking some time off.

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