24. February, 2005 - dammit

I had an update written about 6:15 this morning. As I was about to save it, Safari did the spinning pizza of death on me, and my save apparently never completed, so the links and commentary are all lost in a poof of electrons. I could probably recreate most of it, but I’ve just spent the past two hours trying to recover the file, and have had enough for the day already. I’m seriously thinking of just going back to bed and trying to start over.

Most of the time, I’m pretty happy with Mac OS X. It’s telling that my one major complaint is not with the core OS itself, but rather with the browser, but I run into the problem where Safari will just “go away” for a while, generally taking the entire OS with it as the HD is busily chugging along. I’m not really sure what’s happening, but I suspect it’s flushing its caches or something. I don’t really care, either. I just want the damned web-browser to work and quit annoying me.

That said, here’s my list of complaints with Safari:

  1. Whatever the farking problem is that causes the spinning pizza of death to appear while the hard drive chatters away for more than ten minutes has to be fixed. I wish I could reproduce this at will so I could write up a decent bug report, but it seems to happen randomly.
  2. Give me a setting so I can shut off audio from safari with a single click. After the SPOD problem, the next most annoying thing is having my speaker start blaring with some stupid farking web ad. If I want sound from my browser, I’ll enable it to view a single page.
  3. Kill off the damned popups for real. Safari’s pretty good at this, but there’s a new technique the bastards are using. Stop them. The problem was noticed last week. There was a security update from Apple this week. Fixing the new popup annoyance should have been included.
  4. Show me the damned content earlier. I’m willing to have a Flash of Unstyled Content if it means pages like Monica’s will actually let me see if it’s been updated sometime this month without having to wait for the stupid crap from ntlworld.com, the ecosystem, and sitemeter.com to load. Yes, it’s partly a problem with the order she has things in the HTML, but she shouldn’t have to think about that so I can just see the start of the page. Actually, I suspect the problem is more to do with slow-to-load JavaScript, but there ought to be some way I can see the first bits of text without having to wait forever.
  5. Did I mention the spinning pizza of death? Make it stop.

Yeah, I’m a bit cranky. But more than anything, using my computer this morning was neither fun nor productive. Most of the day will probably be spent with the infernal machine off so I’m not tempted to take a crowbar to it.

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