18. February, 2005 - a fine evening

Had a fine day yesterday, capped off by a fine evening. The day, well, there was slackage involved, but also a meeting that might lead to some work. Followed that up with an evening out with Scott & Kat (and some other folks) with good grub at Ichiban, a loud and overpriced beer at Brit’s, followed by yummy beers at Town Hall. Hard to argue with that plan except for the stopping at Brit’s part, although I did put a couple spots on one of my nicer ties while eating the teppanyaki. It seems at this point that the rushed cleaning when I got home might have worked well enough, since it was a slob-friendly Jerry Garcia design (but mine’s in blue, which seems not to exist, according to google). Who’d have figured me for being worried about spilling soy sauce on a tie, though, eh? That’s what those mid-afternoon meetings looking for work will do to a guy, I guess.

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