17. February, 2005 - good day yesterday

Sometimes I amaze myself with my capacity to get things done. Yesterday was one of those days. I guess I just need the pressure of feeling as though I have a lot to do in order to buckle down and get to it, but in any case, it worked, and all of the things that absolutely had to be done yesterday were done by about 5pm, when I knocked off for the day.

For dinner, I went up to BW-3 in Har-Mar and had some cheap chicken legs and then played two games of NTN trivia. Won them both. I won the first, the hour-long game, pretty handily (though I almost blew it on the last question), and the second with a come-from-behind win on the last question. Then I called it a night and headed home, with at least one of the other folks playing trivia happy to see me leave. It’s nice to go out on top.

Today, I’ve still got a fair number of things to do, but it feels as though the worst of the pressure is off, so I may end up slacking again. Or perhaps the productive mood will continue. Too early in the day to say for sure yet. The weekend will probably contain much running about and moving of boxes (including a huge pile of mom-crocheted-afghans, just in case I have a cute gal sleeping on the couch looking chilly sometime), so I suspect there’s at least a nap in the plan for today.

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