16. February, 2005 - back to it

I’ve been spectacularly unproductive so far this week, and am thinking that I probably need some time away from computers real soon now. That shows in the links for today a bit, too. They’re fewer in number, and probably lower in quality than I’d like, but what are you going to do?

For getting away, I’m thinking that this might be a good year to go see some Spring Training games, possibly in Florida (the Grapefruit League), but more likely in Arizona (the Cactus League). If nothing else, it’s nice to ponder the idea of sitting in some warm sunshine watching baseball in between catching up on some back issues of Elysian Fields Quarterly.

But for today, the focus has to be on the present. There’s much to get done, and a bunch of it that has to be done today. Plus a few things that I should have gotten done Monday or yesterday, but didn’t. It can be discouraging to look at the (computer-maintained) to-do list and see a sea of red-highlighted items (meaning past-due), but at least it should help me focus.

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