9. February, 2005 - Ash Wednesday

So when you’re feeling a little sick, what’s the thing to do? Why, head out to the bar for dinner, and end up staying until around midnight, naturally.

But the plus of the whole thing is that I may have a lead on a bunch of work. Phone calls need to be made later today, but I’m feeling hopeful.

I also noticed a few things last night. It was Fat Tuesday, which makes today Ash Wednesday. Here we are in Lent. We’re also in the Year of the Rooster now. And I realized that I recognized the Vulcan King who’s accused of groping some gal. Now there are a few things about it that make me wonder. The first is that he doesn’t drink. The second is that the description of the “garter ceremony” has been going on for years, with relatively minor complaints. I’m not sure what actually happened, but something doesn’t smell right to me here.

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