21. January, 2005 - finally friday

This has felt like an awfully long week. There hasn’t been any single thing making the week drag, but rather a number of different things. About the only good note is that I finally got my sleep schedule back to normal, just in time to screw it up with the weekend. Then again, there’s snow forecast for today and tomorrow, so maybe I’ll be staying home more instead of going out and staying up late.

I forgot to mention the other happening on Wednesday. Went out for dinner at Sawatdee with a group of folks. A good time was had, and I realized that I haven’t had spicy asian food for a while.

Yesterday didn’t really have much of note at all. I managed to get to Target to pick up some new cookware (I decided I need a sheet-pan and a few smaller things), and shovelled snow off the sidewalk again, and dealt with some clients, but for the most part, it felt like a lost day.

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