20. January, 2005 - linkless?

Well, not quite, but I’ve been light on the links lately. It’s not that I’ve been spending any less time looking around, but my searches don’t seem to have been as productive lately. Or maybe I just haven’t been in the mood to link to the sort of things I’m finding. I’m not sure how to solve the problem, either. Maybe y’all could contribute something to help out?

Yesterday I dealt with mom stuff in the morning. No trip was required, but the emotional drain was still there. I also got a website mostly ready for a client. Lunch, some shovelling, and then a brief nap. The client called, saying the last minute changes were hunky-dory, and we pulled the trigger. The redesigned Wales House, a local (Minneapolis) guest house website is now live.

Then there were things for other clients. Mostly questions that needed answering. That continued into this morning, when I discovered that yet another client had some problems with software we delievered, and had sent me an email complaining about it last week. But I never got the email, because he’d been liberal in the use of colors in the email, which meant that the spam-filters had flagged it as spam. Ugh. There needs to be a better solution. And that means that I’ll probably spend today wading through the archives of spam that’s been caught since sometime last fall, checking to see if there’s anything else in there I need to deal with, instead of working on getting my new server with the improved spam-filtering software up and running. Productive? Sure doesn’t feel like it.

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