18. January, 2005 - stupid holiday

Okay. It’s not so much that the holiday yesterday was stupid as that I was. Early in the morning, I was figuring, Okay, I’ll wait for it to warm up a bit, and then walk to the bank to deposit some checks, then to the post office to buy stamps and mail off the bills and invoices and I’ll get some sunshine along the way. I’m sure you see the problem with my planning already, but if you don’t, yesterday was a holiday, and banks and post offices were closed. Well, it took me until about 10am to figure it out, about which time I also realized that it was too cold to take a long walk around, being still below zero at noon. So I drove to the KFC up in Roseville, got the buffet and pigged out. Then a stop at the store so I’d have breakfast this morning, and home for a quick nap that turned into an all-afternoon monster, which screwed up my evening and left me unable to get to sleep until the wee hours. Ugh.

I guess the way to look at this is to figure today’s a virtual monday, and I got a head-start on the week’s work yesterday.

Ugh. Developing crisis. Mom’s power is out and things are getting cold. Today’s plans may be changing… Update 10am - the power's back on and things seem to be okay. Happened before I got out the door, so I guess that worked out okay.

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