12. January, 2005 - normal?

Things seem to be back to normal around here. I’m waking up at ludicrously early hours in the morning, looking outside to see a little bit of snow that needs shovelling, and grinding out a decent set of links (at least I think they’re decent) every day. Work starts moving again today, too. After a slight hitch in the plans yesterday that ended up killing most of the day for work, I’m back to cursing CodeWarrior for its habit of just locking up periodically.

So today is going to be spent programming, mostly. There’ll also be some shovelling of snow after the sleet has fallen this afternoon (I’m hoping last night’s snow will keep the sleet from sticking to the sidewalk), and general preparations to hunker down through the next few days of pretty darned cold weather. We’re going to be fresh out of fahrenheits all the way through the weekend, it appears. Maybe there’s some beer, but it’ll have to be carefully planned so as to avoid frostbite. Nothing that can’t be dealt with, but I’m pretty sure that forgetting to bring along the hat would be a Bad Thing.

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