10. January, 2005 - lost weekend?

Friday, get a call from mom when I get back from getting my hair cut. Her septic tank isn’t draining right and things are backing up. Then another call. The pressure-switch on the well is frozen up too, so there’s no water. Ugh. So much for going to a friend’s place for a Friday evening gathering. I’m going to need to sleep, and Friday evening seems like the best chance I’m going to have for a while. But at least I remembered to unplug the water-meter from the phone line, so the cheeping won’t wake me up every hour.

Saturday. Drive up to mom’s. Talk to neighbor who’s helping with the well. The problem is that part of the line that leads from the pressure-tank to the pressure-switch that controls the pump (which should be air-filled) is full of water, and has frozen. But the frozen bit is below ground, and he’s having no luck heating it with a torch to get things working again. As for the septic tank, the drain-field sucks (to use the technical term) and freezes up every winter, especially when there’s no snow-cover to serve as insulation from the cold. This converts the tank into a holding-tank, and it needs to be pumped out. After making a handful of calls, I find a guy (who’s no Winston Rothschild III, but he’ll work on a Saturday, so I don’t care) who’ll come out and pump out the tank. I also run to town to pick up some bottled water and a prescription for mom.

I get back to mom's a few minutes before the big smelly truck arrives, and then a bit later, the septic tank has been pumped out. It will need “regular service” every month or two until the drain-field thaws enough that mom can limp along for a while longer. We jiggered the pump for the well so it’s running, and all we have to do is cycle it manually with the breaker out in the barn so we don’t burn out the pump when not running water.

Then it’s home for an evening of cards with some friends. I would have cancelled if I had thought I’d be able to reach everyone in time, but am glad I didn’t. It was nice relaxation, but made for an awfully long day, as I ended up being awake for nearly 24 hours.

Sunday, sleep late, out for breakfast and shopping, then home to chip the remaining ice from the sidewalks, since it’s warm enough that I have a chance for success. Succeed! Try to nap later in the afternoon, and when I finally fall asleep (in the middle of the third Thin Man movie, (yes, I watched the first two earlier in the afternoon), I’m woken by a call from a friend. That’s just as well—it was time to eat supper anyhow. Some more lounging about on the couch, accompanied by much sneezing and a head full of snot.

And that gets us to today. I see another trip up to mom’s to get the well dealt with, since we couldn’t find anyone to work on that over the weekend. Then home to try and keep the business afloat and fill out some forms for mom. Then I’ll probably collapse into sickness when the 12-hour sudafed wears off. If you don’t see me for a few days, it’s most likely because I’m busy being sick and exhausted.

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