7. January, 2005 - some days I’d rather be Amish

Usually the vast slew of electrons flying higgeldy-piggeldy through my house are good and useful servants, but there are days when technology and I don’t get along so well. Today was one of those mornings when my tools and I weren’t getting along.

It started at about oh-dark-thirty. Six-thirty, actually, but I wasn’t ready to wake up yet. There was some electronic beeping, somewhere between a phone cheeping and the smoke detector telling me it’s out of batteries. In any case, it woke me up. About an hour later, I was finally awake enough to figure it out when it happened again. Turns out either the TiVo or the water meter was trying to dial out, but had botched the phone number and gotten some recording at Wells-Fargo. Not liking the answer it was getting, it tried to hang up the line and dial again, but the recording was persistent enough that there wasn’t a dialtone yet when the retry happened. And then the (pulse) dialing made all the extensions in the house cheeple.

Maybe this explains the mornings when I’ve woken up at 4am wondering why I’m awake.

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