5. January, 2005 - late start again

Got a late start this morning. Something about having been up until 1:30 after getting home from the bar and deciding I needed to start working on the invitations for the party I’ll be hosting here on the 29th.

Of course, getting home from the bar meant I had to get to the bar in the first place. Scott called just after I’d finished dinner and started the dishes and said he and Kat would like to meet up at the Sportsman. I couldn’t refuse, and ended up staying longer than I intended. Oops.

After getting home, I also remembered that today is trash-day, and spent a few minutes sorting a box of “old stuff” I had pulled out of mom’s freezer a couple months back and had just tossed in my freezer. There were a few things that still seem to be good, but there were also some things that had to go, and now they have.

Today, more work. It’s almost like I’m a productive member of society or something. Frankly, it scares me.

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