1. January, 2005 - Happy New Year

That was fun. I spent last night at a “fancy dress” New Year’s Eve party hosted by a couple friends. Knew maybe a third of the people there, and enjoyed meeting the rest. I actually managed to tie my tie without consulting the cheat-sheet for the first time in something like twenty years, successfully wrapping it around the shirt that the sales-guy kept insisting was “pastel purple” even though I told him he could say “lavender” without offending me. And I’m pretty sure I just confessed to committing adulthood more than once there.

Heard at the party: You can’t blame kids for believing in Santa Claus. You guys believed in John Kerry, and he doesn’t exist wasn’t real, either.

And I think that’s going to be it for the day. It’s not that I have a hangover, so much as I’m just plain tired. Two nights in a row of being awake after 3am, followed by waking up before 9am makes for a tired Dave, even with a nap or two thrown in there. And by Monday, I need to be back into the regular work-week mode, so today seems like an awfully good day to spend correcting my sleep schedule.

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