31. December, 2004 - another year gone

I spent yesterday driving on either sloppy roads or glare ice, and once I was done with that, I relaxed with some beers, where “some” was a fairly large number. But I was pretty darned tense from trying to drive on roads I couldn’t even stand up on, and I feel better now. A steak special, beer, and playing pool with Mark made for a relaxing evening.

But in spite of staying up until 3am (I just wasn’t ready to sleep when I got home), I’m awake at 8. Any earlier plans I had for the day are going to need adjusting due to the almost certain need for a nap, and the linkage will be tardy. More later.

Okay. It’s later. And apparently it’s self-improvement day here at Dave’s Picks. Guess it’s that time of year.

Update: In today’s mail I got a note telling me that my 102-year-old great-aunt the nun died on December 21st, and was buried on Christmas Eve. Nobody in the family was alerted until Christmas Day. Not exactly happy news, and I’ve got a bunch of relatives who are mad at the convent now.

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