29. December, 2004 - it’s later now


I just got invited out to breakfast. Will post more after I’ve eaten.

[11:30 am]

Well, that was a pleasant start to the day. Went out, put fuel in the truck, picked up my free calendar at the gas-station for 2005, put fuel in me, and spent over an hour chatting. Then a stop at the grocery store, follwed by a car-wash for the truck so it’ll be clean until the freezing rain hits tomorrow, and home. That feels like a pretty darned good morning to me. I followed it up with a bit of business, wrapping up the 2004 payroll, and then spent a few minutes perusing the Miles of Music holiday catalog that arrived this morning. Yeah, they’re late, but they’re just about my local music store, in spite of being in CA, and mailing the catalogs from New York.

Then it was time to give y’all some links, which I’m doing right now. I think I’ll follow that up with some lunch, and then perhaps (to steal a phrase from Jeff), I’ll log some time on the couch. It feels like a good day for doing very little.

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