28. December, 2004 - not a work week

Well, there’s a bit of work happening, but after yesterday, I’ve decided I’m not going to treat this like a work-week. It’s not a Great Week To Be Single as Lileks suggests, but it’s not a horrible week, either.

Yesterday’s a day I’m glad is done, though. I muddled through some of the things I’d planned to do, then lunched in Dinkytown, chatting with a few of the bored shopkeepers, and headed home to relax. Not to be. I’m not going into details, but I spent the twelve hours between returning from lunch and finally going to bed trying to relax, punctuated by episodes that tensed me right up again. Nobody who reads this was involved in the tension, so don’t worry that it was you. Advice from the Reverend Jim seems useful about now.

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