27. December, 2004 - is this a work week?

Well, yes and no. Lots of people have the week off, but some of us will need to be working. I expect this week to fall in the middle. I’ve got some work to do, but I don’t think I’ll be hard at it, since I’ll have the excuse that some of the people I need to work with are out for the week.

The weekend? A mix. Friday night with the cousins and their families was good. There were a couple new kids in the mix, and four of my six cousins are now grandparents. It was good to see everyone, and I made out pretty well in the “Christmas Present Bingo” we play.

Christmas Day at mom’s. Well, I had been hoping to convince mom to go out to dinner, and arrived wearing a tie and sport-jacket, figuring that might help. But mom was adamant about staying home, and I ended up cooking dinner there. It can be frustrating. Mom complains that nobody comes to visit her, but won’t take an opportunity to get out of the house, either. I can understand that feeling, but when I spot it in myself, I usually try to make an effort to get out more.

Yesterday felt almost like it should have been a Monday. I woke up early, checked the internet to make sure the world was still out there, and then realized that it was Sunday, and there was nothing I had to do during the day, so I went back to bed and slept until almost two pm. At that point, any shred of motivation I’d had was gone, and I spent the afternoon and evening watching movies on the TV until almost one this morning.

Which brings us to today. I’ve got a fairly long laundry-list of things to do that includes laundry, but they’re a fairly even mix of easy to do and things that nobody will miss if I put ’em off for another week. Figure in the short sleep, since I was awake about six am, and will probably feel like a nap at some point, and I forsee difficulty in getting motivated for the the things that I could put off. Hopefully a sense of acomplishment from doing some of the easy things will get my momentum up this morning. We’ll see.

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