23. December, 2004 - impending holiday

footprints in my back yard
footprints in my back yard

One of the nice things about having snow on the ground is that I can look at what sort of critters wander through my back yard. The snow that fell Tuesday morning isn’t very deep, but it’s enough that I can see tracks from the squirrels, rabbits, cats, crows, and pigeons in it. The picture to the right was taken Wednesday about noon. That’s less than thirty hours of tracks in the snow, and there are only a few square feet of my backyard that don’t have some sort of tracks in them. Then again, I’ve been refilling the two bird-feeders daily, and in some cases, twice a day. With winter in full swing, I’m expecting I’ll go through fifty pounds of sunflower seeds, fifty pounds of cracked corn and twenty pounds of peanuts per month. It’s about a quarter of that in the summer. But all of the critters (including the neighbor’s cat) are looking well-fed.

Had a good evening yesterday. I went up to BW-3 in Har-Mar and played trivia for a while. Put two monthly high-scores up on the boards out of four games I played, and then Pete, Beth, and Mike showed up after their shopping and we yakked between bites of food. It wasn’t well planned, but rather the result of me calling around looking for someone to have dinner with, but it worked out to be just the kind of change-of-pace I didn’t know I needed. And I guess it fits in with my goal of being more social this holiday season. It also kept me up late enough that I slept until almost 7am this morning. Progress!

Tomorrow, the holiday begins. I think I’m ready, but dang! Tomorrow!

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