21. December, 2004 - winter begins

Today’s the shortest day of the year. Just four more days until the day will be noticeably longer and the sun will be headed back to the north (for an explanation on why the sun isn’t obviously headed north for four more days, take a look at analemmas). Oh, and there’s some big holiday coming, too. I find that I’m mostly ready for Christmas itself, but still have some things to do for all the family events that’ll happen this weekend.

Sure, there are some little snags. Presents for one friend appear as if they won’t arrive in time, in spite of me having ordered from amazon.com on December 10th. They still haven’t shipped, in spite of being in stock when I ordered. Pfui. I’m also still trying to decide if I’m going to do a ham for Christmas dinner at mom’s. I’ve got a ham, got a recipe, but the motivation, that’s another matter entirely. And then there are other smaller complications I could worry about, but I’m going to try to avoid worrying at this point. The to-do list each day has less work and more holiday prep, but that’s fine, too. I’ll get enough work in that the cash flow won’t dry up, and not stressing out is more important to me now than any potential headaches in eary February.

In all, I’m feeling pretty good about the impending holiday. I’ve done what I can to prepare, have a plan for the few things that still need doing, and the rest, well, it’ll work itself out one way or another. And if anything goes horribly awry, you’ll probably get to read about it here. Everybody wins.

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