15. December, 2004 - Bill of Rights Day

Yesterday started out being a good day. In the morning I finally got around to Fixing the Sprayer Hose and writing up the results. Then meeting at a client’s office, and lunch at Kabuki on their dime. Some more work in their office and more meeting, then home, stopping off to buy some meat so my freezer wouldn’t feel lonely. Felt like a pretty good day, it did, and I was ready to spend a couple more hours tracking down the bug I’ve been working on since last week.

Then I got home, and had unloaded everything, filled the bird-feeders, hauled out the trash and recycling, and checked my voice-mail. Ugh. Down crashes the day, and after spending a couple hours going back and forth on the phone with mom, her doctor’s office (who has never once called me back, so I have to call them repeatedly in order to talk to anyone other than the receptionist), and her neighbor, I wanted to do nothing so much as curl up on the couch. Nothing horrible, but it’s one of those little crises that would be no big deal at all if I lived closer to mom, but turns into a major disruption when I have to drive over an hour each way to “drop by” to help her out, which I’ll probably have to do at some point today.


Oh well. At least there’s a pretty sunrise this morning.

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