14. December, 2004 - today it begins

The long march of holiday-related parties, lunches, dinners, and other obligations begins today. Actually, not all of them are holiday-related, but today is the first that is explicitly a holiday activity. I’m not exactly complaining about having enough people wanting me at things that I have a busy two weeks ahead of me, but I find myself thinking that for the boom in social activities now, there’s going to be a matching bust in January. So I’m tentatively planning a party for Saturday January 29. More information when I figure out the details.

Yesterday felt productive. Until this morning, when I looked back and realized that I’d spent a lot of time spinning my wheels. I wanted to get the Christmas cards into the mail yesterday, which meant I spent most of the morning digging through boxes, trying to find the rest of the cards that I know I have somewhere, while Jon from Finer Surroundings was installing my new windows. As it turns out, I never did find the cards, and made a quick Target run over lunch. The cards are mailed (except for those folks I inevitably missed because I’m a moron), laundry got done, and I’ve got new weathertight windows on the ground floor, plus Jon changed the lightbulb over the front door (he had a ladder long enough to reach it) so the pizza guy might be able to find me, but the actual work part of the day wasn’t as much as it should have been.

We’ve finally seen some wintry weather. The temperature got into the teens yesterday, but with the wind it felt like winter out there. My parsley plant in the garden, which was still green on Saturday, finally succumbed to the cold on Sunday night. It’s done for the year now, but I’m impressed by how tough it proved to be.

Next up on the holiday list: wrapping presents. At least I bought all the paper and tape I should need while I was at Target yesterday so I won’t have to make a special trip for that later in the week.

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